Flags of colour herald autumns arrival

Autumn is a time of cooling temperatures, crisp mornings and autumn colour and I love the golds, reds, yellows and purples that autumn brings. I grew up in Christchurch from the age of ten and Hagley Park is hard to beat in both spring and autumn with a visit to Hagley Park or the Christchurch Botanic Gardens being a must-do in those seasons. Wellington of course, has its own distinct vibe; its magnificent harbour surrounded by bush-clad hills and gullies, embracing every shade of green.

But to see the autumn heralded in with flags of colour - that I love and I enjoy witnessing the flamboyance of colour as the cycle of the seasons turns towards winter, here in the Wairarapa. Experiencing that nostalgic feeling that summer has ended - for those who embrace winter sports, a welcome change. Autumn is the time to enjoy those slightly cooler temperatures. With children and grandchildren, it's time to head to the park and kick up the autumn leaves in a flurry of colour and crispness; though I must admit, when my seven month old grandchild was with me recently, all he wanted to do was eat them!

Have you ever thought of creating a seasonal display? On a sideboard or shelf or even in your window! I loved this idea of stretching a string across the front window and pinning or pegging  some leaves as shown in the photo to show-off the spectrum of colour; from green to lime, to yellow, to gold, to russet and red.

Photo by Chris Lawton on Unsplash


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