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Life is full of precious moments and isn't it fabulous when we can capture them on film! This shot captured my 94 year old Dad with his first great-grandchild, 7-month old Oscar. Perhaps made more special by the fact that none of us had met Oscar since his birth - a common Covid experience. For my husband Mike and I, it was the best possible celebration we could have had of our 30th wedding anniversary (yep - where have the years gone?) - taking a road trip to Christchurch to visit my Dad (also Poppa and great-Poppa) and my brother; with our three grown daughters and of course grandson and great-grandson Oscar!

Covid has been responsible for many a tearful reunion after months and years apart. I personally have been very grateful for frequent video chats and instant messaging which allowed us to get to know our 'moko' before he finally made his first big trip across Tasman. But as you will all know, there is nothing like a hug in person. It has been a long road and for many people the joy of a reunion is yet to come - with distances much further than Australia to travel. In the meantime, hang in there and keep in touch in the best way you can.

And when you do finally get together, make sure to capture those precious moments for the family photo album. If you live in the Wairarapa; the photographers I know personally that you can connect with are:

Sharisse Eberlein - Photographer. Go to

Sarah Watkins - Lucalia Photography. Go to

Jenny Siaosi - Siaosi Photography. Go to


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